12 12, 2011

Is this biblical book hedonistic?

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Kohelet A Modern Commentary on Ecclesiastes By Leonard S. Kravitz and Kerry M. Olitzky UAHC Press, 2003, 132 pages     Kohelet, its Hebrew name, Ecclesiastes in English, is one of the twenty-four books of the Hebrew Bible. Both names mean “assembly” or “assembler.” The book’s author states that he was the son of King [...]

5 12, 2011

Missunderstanding rabbinic literature

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By Israel Drazin   I think that the greatest difficulty that people have in understanding rabbinic literature is that it is hard for them to see what prompted the rabbi to say what he said. I’ll focus on one point.   Very soon after the Five Books of Moses was canonized, probably during the time [...]

26 04, 2011

Why did the Bible only punish rapists with a fine?

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The Fire and the Cloud Contemporary Reflections on the Weekly Torah Reading By David Bigman Gefen Publishing House, 2011, 160 pages David Bigman’s reflections on the meaning of the Torah are a pleasure to read. They are sensible, intelligent, and interesting biblical interpretation, presented clearly, orderly, and concisely, covering 54 different biblical portions in just [...]

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