“The Plot to Save America” by Avraham Azrieli, a lawyer, is another brilliant novel by an author who wrote other suspenseful, interesting, and very enjoyable novels. The book contains two main plots. Most startling and fascinating is the idea that followers of President Trump were able to turn the 2020 election results so that President Trump won a second four year term and changed America into a kind of Nazi country, doing things to the president’s enemies that equal if not exceed what the Nazis did. Martial Law was imposed, the constitution was suspended, and over 170 Democratic members of Congress and the Vice President are murdered. Many new laws were enacted such as same sex marriages is prohibited and homosexuality is considered a mental illness requiring imprisonment. Second, the investigation by a government pro-Trump investigator of a widely admired American patriot charged with anti-Trump behaviors and sentenced to death.

While the depiction of Trump’s second term is horrendous, pro-Trump readers can enjoy the tale by realizing that the anti-Trump depictions are an unrealistic exaggerations, and a skillful, and enjoyable way to give readers a captivating drama.

In the novel, the investigator is called to an apparent suicide of a high-ranking government official. The victim was sitting in a car on top of a single page of an apparent unfinished top-secret document entitled “The Plot to Save America by An Anonymous Eyewitness.” The car was closed inside, no one can enter without breaking in. The seeming suicide and discovered first page raise many questions for the investigator. Is what he sees a suicide or a murder? Why did the man commit suicide or why was he murdered? Where is the rest of the document? Why is he sitting on one page? Is the complete document pro- or anti-Trump? The investigator faces more problems. The man being investigated is said to have met with a foreign spy, but no one knows who this person is or even if he is a spy. If he is a spy, what is he spying? Someone poisoned him. How? Why? The wife of the man being investigated is arrested for violating President Trump’s “Domestic Terrorism Feminism” which disallows women to work, the male in a marriage is the breadwinner and the female a homemaker. Why was she arrested? Among other things, pro-trump officials wear an SSS pin on their lapel, referring to the 2020 election, standing for “Stop the Steal Soldier” (similar to the Nazi SS symbol). Illegal immigrants are killed – with a goal of two-thousand a day – and their body parts given to the pro-Trump needy. Trump seeks a treaty with like-minded authoritarian governments, including Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and Cuba. And Blacks were called Africans and shipped to Africa.

In short, there is lots to enjoy in this novel, and much to think about.