3 10, 2017

A scholar’s interpretation of Ecclesiastes

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  The biblical book Kohelet, Ecclesiastes in English, is read in synagogues during the holiday of Sukkot. Why? The traditional answer is that a major theme of Kohelet is the futility of mundane pursuits and pleasures. Sukkot demonstrates this theme by the commandment to live in temporary dwellings. We move outside our homes, which provides [...]

22 05, 2016

An analysis of wisdom books by Rabbi Marc Angel

By |2016-05-22T12:10:56-07:00May 22nd, 2016|Book Reviews|

The Wisdom of Solomon and Us The Quest for Meaning, Morality and a Deeper Relationship with God By Rabbi Dr. Marc D. Angel Jewish Lights Publishing, 2016, 204 pages The Bible describes God granting King Solomon the gift of wisdom. As a result, a tradition ascribes the authorship of the three biblical books Ecclesiastes, Proverbs, [...]

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