22 03, 2011

Issues are raised that suggest the need for changes

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                                                  Review by Israel Drazin           New Jewish Feminism Probing the Past, Forging the Future Edited by Rabbi Elyse Goldstein Forward by Anita Diamant Jewish Lights Publishing, 2009, 439 pages   It is outrageous to think that God relegated women to second class citizenship and outlawed them from a real relationship with the [...]

16 01, 2011

Does the Soul Survive the Body’s Death?

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The Concept of the Soul and the After-Life                                       By                            Israel Drazin   Many people are afraid of death. Although there is no indication, not even a hint, in the Hebrew Bible about a soul, life after death, and an abode for people in a place called heaven, they convince themselves that [...]

5 01, 2011

The Biblical Book of Ruth Raises Questions

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  Edward F. Campbell, Jr. Ruth The Anchor Bible Reviewed by Israel Drazin Doubleday, 1975, 188 pages     The biblical book Ruth is one of the most delightful books of the Bible. Jews read its four short chapters, totaling only 85 sentences, entirely each year in synagogues during the holiday of Shavuot, known in English [...]

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