9 05, 2013

Philosophy, Theology, and Hermeneutics

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                                                                           By Israel Drazin   Most people listen to a sermon and think, “This is Torah,” and never ask if what they hear is philosophy, theology, or hermeneutics. There is a big difference.   Philosophy is the search for the truth. Ideas are developed from what is sensed by the five senses, proven [...]

15 11, 2011

Tolstoy did not respect women

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Tolstoy A Russian Life By Rosamund Bartlett Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2011, 544 pages    Rosamund Bartlett, an authority on Russian culture, describes Lev Tolstoy, as she calls him, the greatest Russian writer, probably a genius, but a failure as a man. When he was young, he drank too much, gambled, and was over amorous with [...]

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