2 11, 2016

The strange views in two Targums

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  Introducing Targums Neophyti and Pseudo-Jonathan   Targum Onkelos is the rabbinically indorsed Aramaic translation of the Five Books of Moses. Publishers have recognized its historical and theological importance since the invention of the printing press and have honored Onkelos by placing it on the inside center spot adjacent to the biblical Hebrew text. Many [...]

30 10, 2016

The truth about Onkelos

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13 06, 2016

A questionable sermon

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                                                                      A questionable sermon   Ever since the time of the sage Nachmanides (1194 – 1270), who introduced the notion that [...]

7 02, 2016

Is the Notion of a Shekhinah Rational?

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                                              Is the Notion of a Shekhinah Rational?   Many concepts have crept into mainstream Judaism through the persistent teachings of mysticism. While average Jews do not always understand the concept they are accepting, mystics repeat new notions in a manner that causes non-mystical Jews to believe that the concepts must have been ancient tradition. [...]

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