13 06, 2014

Did archeology discover Samson?

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  Archeologists found a stone seal that may prove that Samson is not a legendary figure, but a man who actually existed. [1] The Science Daily of August 13, 2012 reported that archaeologists from Tel Aviv University discovered a circular stone seal in a house in Beth Shemesh, in Israel about 15 millimeters in diameter [...]

8 06, 2014

Samson among the rabbis

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                                                                      Samson among the rabbis   Maimonides wrote in his “Chelek” that people who accept rabbinical imaginative Midrashim as being true are fools, those who reject Midrashim entirely because they are not true are also fools. The proper approach to Midrashim is to realize that they are not true and were not meant to be [...]

23 05, 2014

Judges 14 – Samson’s first erotic escapade

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                                                                                   Chapter 14                                                               Samson’s first erotic escapade   Chapter 14 begins to describe Samson’s strange behavior. There are scholars such as Ehrlich who see Samson violating biblical laws. Others, such as Abarbanel and Radak insist he is acting properly. Abarbanel argues that while Samson violated Torah laws he did so for [...]

15 05, 2014

Judges 13 – Samson’s inscrutable tale

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                                                                                    Chapter 13                                                                The inscrutable tale of Samson                                           Samson’s story is told in Judges in four chapters. The chapters state that he “judged Israel for twenty years”[1] twice: at the end of chapter 15 before the episode of Delilah, after describing various episodes where Samson seems to have violated [...]

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