22 01, 2017

Maimonides took most of his ideas from Aristotle

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The following is the second chapter from my third book on Maimonides called "Maimonides: Reason Above All." I gave my book this name because both he and Aristotle were convinced that the most important part of humans is their ability to reason, something most humans do not do.               [...]

27 06, 2012

The Secret of Shavuot

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                                                                                                                                                                     By Israel Drazin   No Jewish holiday is practiced today as the Bible mandates. Shavuot, called Pentecost in English, is a good example. The current observance of the holiday has no relationship to its biblical ancestor and doesn’t even occur at the same time.[1] Very few people know the truth about [...]

22 05, 2012

People should be reasonable, not moral

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                                                                                                                                                                By Israel Drazin   In my discussion on “Are intelligent people moral,” I wrote that Moses Maimonides (1138-1204) taught in his Guide of the Perplexed 1:2 that people should work to develop their thinking and understanding by studying the sciences and logic, and make life decisions based on what they learnt, on [...]

28 06, 2011

Startling unconventional opinions by a great thinker

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Gersonides Judaism within the Limits of Reason By Seymour Feldman The Littman Library, 2010, 254 pages   Levi ben Gershom, Gersonides in Latin, (1288-1344), was one of several great Jewish rationalistic philosophers. He lived in Provence, France, and wrote books on philosophy, science, and Bible commentary. He wasn’t as deep a thinker as Maimonides and [...]

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