3 12, 2017

Current Judaism is unlike what the Bible demands

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In his very informative 1928 book “Adjustment of Law to Life in Rabbinic Literature,” Solomon Zucrow, shows, as did many others, that current Jewish law is radically different than what is stated in the Hebrew Bible. Many Orthodox Jews say that the differences were ordered by God, that when God revealed the Torah to Moses, [...]

8 03, 2015

Do Samaritans observe the ancient Torah laws?

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                                      Do Samaritans observe the ancient Torah laws?   An ancient Jewish group called Samaritans still exists today. Who are they? What is their history? What are some of their practices? Did they change Judaism? Or, are they practicing an early version of Judaism, practices that existed before alterations were made in Torah law? The [...]

31 08, 2014

Judaism Today is Not Torah Judaism

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                                                             Judaism Today is Not Torah Judaism   The following are some examples where the rabbis changed biblical commands. This is from my book “Unusual Bible Interpretations: Five Books of Moses,” which will be published in Israel in about a month.   The stubborn and rebellious son Deuteronomy 21:18–21 has the baffling law of [...]

26 05, 2013

A superb history of the development of rabbinic Judaism and the oral law

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The Sages Character, Context & Creativity Volume 3: The Galilean Period Translated by Ilana Kurshan By Rabbi Binyamin Lau Maggid Books, 2013, 387 pages   In three very well-written, comprehensive, informative, and engrossing volumes, Binyamin Lau, a highly respected Orthodox rabbi with a PhD, introduces his readers to the history of rabbinic Judaism, and the [...]

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