11 12, 2016

Bizarre Wedding Practices – and a request

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  The following essay is from my book “Mysteries of Judaism.” Gefen Publishing House will release my “Mysteries of Judaism II, How the rabbis and Others Changed Judaism” in February 2017.  I would like this book to be as popular as the first “Mysteries of Judaism.” Therefore, I am attaching the first volume here for [...]

19 06, 2016

Rabbi Soloveitchik’s misunderstanding of Maimonides (?)

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Maimonides Between Philosophy and Halakhah Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik’s lectures on the Guide of the Perplexed Edited with an introduction by Lawrence J. Kaplan Forward by Dove Schwartz Ktav Publishing and Urim Publications, 2016, 256 pages   This book is interesting because it shows the basic ideas of Rabbi Soloveitchik’s thinking, but readers should not [...]

15 04, 2016

Modern Jewish thinkers did exist

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Torah and Western Thought Edited by Soloveichik, Halpern, & Zuckier Maggid Books, 2015, 329 pages   In this age when pulpit rabbis speak almost solely about medrish (despite the correct form being midrash) and the moralistic comments by medieval Bible and Talmud commentators rather than the true meaning of the biblical words and statements, it [...]

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