1 07, 2014

How to read the Bible

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                                                         This book shows us how to read the Bible   Peshat Isn’t so Simple By Rabbi Hayyim Angel Kodesh Press, 2014, 311 pages   For over two millennia most Jewish Bible commentators did not explain the Bible’s plain meaning, called “peshat” in Hebrew, but used the biblical verses and events as sources for [...]

28 04, 2014

The Crown of Solomon and Other Stories

By |2014-04-28T12:29:02-07:00April 28th, 2014|Book Reviews|

A Review of "The Crown of Solomon and Other Stories," by Marc D. Angel, Albion Andalus Books, 2014, 150 pages   This is prolific writer Rabbi Dr. Marc D. Angel’s second fictional book, following his much acclaimed and enjoyed novel “The Search Committee.” Several of the nineteen tales are based on true events. Many of the [...]

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