25 06, 2017

Are women equal to men in respect to prayer?

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I just read "Gender Equality and Prayer in Jewish Law" by Rabbis E. Tucker and M. Rosenberg. It is an excellent thoughtful book. Whether a reader agrees with the two rabbis who authored the book or not, he or she will find a wealth of information in the book that will prompt thought. Whether the [...]

6 05, 2015

The true meaning of prayer

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                                                                   The true meaning of prayer   Most people feel certain that the current understanding of prayer is the understanding of the concept in the Torah. This is not so.  Prayer is defined as a worship service, a religious observance, a devout entreaty to God, a spiritual communion with the divine. The word is [...]

12 06, 2014

A sensitive, caring, and informative discussion on prayer

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  Holistic Prayer A Guide to Jewish Spirituality By Avraham Weiss   Avraham Weiss is not only a prestigious and highly respected rabbi but also a sensitive and caring person. This is reflected in his book on prayer, which should be read. His book is readable, moving, and informative. It has three parts: goals of [...]

13 09, 2013

An important holiday prayer

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                                                                                                              By Israel Drazin   Let’s examine one High Holiday prayer: Unetaneh Tokef. Rabbis and Jews frequently invented stories to help people understand the meaning of some prayers. Rather than analyzing the depth of prayers, which could alienate people who do not want to undertake this exercise and frustrate others who would not be [...]

14 06, 2012

Soloveichik’s views on Prayer

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Koren Mesorat HaRav Siddur With commentary based on teachings of Rabbi Soloveitchik OU Press and Koren Publishers, 2011, 1304 pages This book is a splendid addition both for people seeking an extensive commentary to their siddur (prayer book) and those who want to know more about the thinking of the famous and esteemed Rabbi Joseph [...]

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