2 03, 2014

Plato’s Seventh Letter

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  The Seventh Letter By Plato Forgotten Books, 2008, 38 pages ISBN 978-1606200131 Cost: $5.59   Scholars disagreed whether Plato wrote this short book, but the consensus today is that he or one of his close students did write this very revealing book. Plato (428/427-348/347 BCE) was one of the world’s greatest philosophers. He was [...]

15 08, 2013

Aristotle and the soul

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                       By Israel Drazin     The popular concept today is that there is a “soul,” a person’s personality that is separate from the body, survives the body’s death, and lives on for eternity. While accepted as axiomatic by Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, is not in the Hebrew Bible. The idea was taken from ancient pagan [...]

7 11, 2011

What is the Soul?

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By Israel Drazin   I don’t think that people need to believe that a soul exists.   The currently-used Hebrew word for soul is nefesh. Nefesh is in the Torah, but it does not mean soul in Scripture. It means “a person” or “life force.” Thus when Leviticus 2:1 speaks of a nefesh bringing an [...]

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