9 12, 2013

Unusual Bible Interpretations – Joshua 11, part 1

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                                                                      Chapter 11                                                                          Part 1   Joshua was successful – probably just partially – in conquering some Canaanite kingdoms in the south. While apparently wanting to do so anyway, he was forced to take the initiative because these kingdoms joined together to attack his forces. Seeing Joshua’s successes and, like the southern cities, [...]

2 12, 2013

Unusual Bible Interpretations – Joshua 10, part 1

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                                                                  Chapter 10                                                                       Part 1                                    Did the Sun Stand Still for Joshua at Gibeon?[1]   Joshua 10 narrates an astounding story. Joshua and the Israelite forces fought against five southern Canaanite kingdoms and defeated them. Then Joshua sang a song praising God for causing the sun to stand still over the city [...]

24 11, 2013

Unusual Bible Interpretations – Joshua 9, part 1

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                                                                  Chapter 9                                                                       Part 1                               Was Joshua Acting Morally When He Enslaved the Gibeonites?[1]   Joshua’s behavior toward the Gibeonites in Joshua 9 is another chapter that is difficult to understand unless it is read in a rational manner. The chapter relates that the inhabitants of Gibeon, a collection of [...]

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