7 09, 2016

A strange view of how to bring the messiah

By |2016-09-07T03:41:31-07:00September 7th, 2016|Thoughts|

  While the concept of a messiah sent to miraculously reorganize civilization and bring peace is not in the Hebrew Bible, it began to be accepted by Jews around the fourth or third century BCE, and later by Christianity. There is no single view as to how the messianic age will occur or when, and [...]

9 11, 2011

What is the Messiah?

By |2011-11-09T05:17:44-07:00November 9th, 2011|Thoughts|

By Israel Drazin I think that the messianic age is not a miraculous affair and the messiah is not a supernatural figure. There will be a gradual evolutionary and educative process that will improve people and encourage everyone, or nearly everyone, to live in harmony and work together to improve every individual and society. I [...]

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