3 07, 2013

Matot – Unusual interpretations 33

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                                                                     By Israel Drazin Where do we start? Numbers 30: 1 states: “And Moses told the Israelites all that the Lord commanded Moses.” Verse 2 continues: “And Moses spoke to the heads of the Israelite tribes, saying, ‘This is what the Lord commanded.” Although chapter 30 begins with verse 1, Jewish tradition divides the text [...]

3 07, 2013

Rashi: Sermons, commentaries, or both?

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                                                                                       By Israel Drazin   I described the style of Rashi’s commentary in the past. It is brilliant, but it does not offer readers the plain meaning of the biblical text. Rashi (1040-1105) follows the worldview of the second century Rabbi Akiva: God composed the Torah, God is perfect, and must have written the [...]

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