10 07, 2020

The judges in the biblical book Judges did not judge

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People may think that they know about the biblical book Judges and that they understand what Michael Hattin’s new book “Judges”contains. Hattin’s Judges is 207-page book with 19 chapters which devotes one or more of the 19 chapters to the 21 chapters in the biblical book. “Judges,” is part of a series of Maggid Books, [...]

30 12, 2015

A Free Book

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  A Free Book   Would any of you like to receive a copy of my latest published book, “Unusual Bible Interpretations: Judges” on the condition that you write a review and place the review on Amazon? If you live in the US or Canada and want a hard copy (the book itself), give me [...]

20 08, 2015

About the Judges

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  I just published my thirtieth book “Unusual Bible Interpretations: Judges.” The following is some information about this book.   Most people suppose that the book of Judges is filled with tales of pious leaders called judges, who performed acts that protected the Israelites and helped form them into a praiseworthy nation. A close reading [...]

21 02, 2014

An introduction to the biblical book Judges

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                                                                    Introduction   This week, for the next 21 weeks, I will write an essay on the biblical book Judges, just as I did for Joshua. I think that readers will find many interesting matters in Judges, including fascinating stories, and by examining Judges closely, they will learn much about the unusual style of [...]

7 11, 2011

A revolution in Bible study

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Bringing the Prophets to Life By Neil N. Winkler Gefen Publishing House, 2011, 193 pages   Many Jews consider the Bible to be the sacred text revealed by God to the Israelites trough Moses. Multiple commentaries were composed on the Torah. Some emphasized the Torah’s literal meaning, such as the commentaries of Rashbam, David Kinchi, [...]

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