5 05, 2014

Judges 12 – Why didn’t Jephthah annul his vow?

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                                                                                          Chapter 12                                                                                    Why didn’t Jephthah annul his vow?   Many people imagine that the Bible portrays its heroes in a favorable manner. Actually the opposite is true. Scripture portrays people with their faults. For example, Nachmanides claims that the patriarch Abraham sinned grievously in Genesis 20 when he travelled to Gerar [...]

5 05, 2014

Judges 11 – The curious story of judge Jephthah

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                                                                                 Chapter 11                                                                                     Part 2                                                                              The curious story of judge Jephthah   Judges 11 contains one of two significant episodes in the extraordinary life of the judge Jephthah: his sacrifice of his daughter and his civil war against the tribe of Ephraim resulting in tens of thousands of Israelite deaths. Jephthah [...]

2 05, 2014

Judges 11- An introduction to the saga of Jephthah

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                                                                                      Chapter 11                                                           The Jephthah Saga – An Introduction   The rather strange often misunderstood saga of Jephthah begins at the end of Judges 10, in verses 17 and 18, continues in chapter 11, and ends in the middle of chapter 12, in verse 7.[1] Seven things are worth noting:   [...]

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