5 11, 2014

Reaction to my last posting

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  Tzvi Adams sent me the following in response to my last posting. You may want to read these two writings.   R. Avraham HaNassi of 11th century Spain wrote same:  http://hebrewbooks.org/pdfpager.aspx?req=9428&st=&pgnum=127   A great paper on this by Natan Slifkin:  http://www.zootorah.com/RationalistJudaism/What%20Can%20One%20Do%20For%20Someone%20Who%20Has%20Passed%20Away.pdf    

5 11, 2014

Is this fraud, criminal behavior, or piety?

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                                                          Is this fraud, criminal behavior, or piety?   When I returned a week ago from a two month stay in Israel over the Jewish High Holidays, I found dozens of messages left on my telephone answering machine. Three of them made me wonder whether the callers were committing fraud, a criminal act, [...]

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