15 03, 2011

An Orthodox rabbi challenges Jews to develop the Oral Law and address modern problems

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The Sages Character, Context & Creativity Volume 1: The Second Temple Period Translated by Michael Prawer By Rabbi Binyamin Lau Maggid Books, 2010, 383 pages   Reviewed by Israel Drazin   There is a tradition that God commanded the Oral Law at Sinai. Some Jews take the statement literally. Others understand that it says that [...]

12 01, 2011

An analysis of six prayers recited in the Jewish liturgy

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Why We Pray What We Pray The Remarkable History of Jewish Prayer By Rabbi Dr. Barry Freundel Urim Publications, 2010, 313 pages   Reviewed by Israel Drazin               Rabbi Dr. Barry Freundel, Vice President of the Rabbinical Council of America, reveals the fascinating history of six significant Jewish prayers in six well researched, informative, [...]

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