21 10, 2011

Should we kiss holy objects?

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Kissing Holy Objects By Israel Drazin     A significant number of people are unable to identify a religious practice as being nothing other than superstition, especially when the practice has existed for generations, they feel good about doing it, it gives them a spiritual uplift, and their religious leaders are performing the act. One [...]

25 08, 2011

An irreverent version about Cain

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Jose Saramago’s (1922-2010) last book Cain is a delightful, frequently funny, heretical, mocking, feverishly anti-God, retelling of the early books of the Hebrew Bible. He is the 1998 winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature. Adam and Eve’s son Cain kills his bother Abel after God accepted the latter’s sacrifice and ignored Cain’s, despite Cain’s [...]

6 05, 2011

Does God exist?

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The God Upgrade Finding your 21st Century Spirituality in Judaism’s 5000 Year Old Tradition By Rabbi Jamie S. Korngold Jewish Lights Publishing, 2011, 143 pages   Rabbi Korngold may be a pantheist. She writes that she believes what she understands Spinoza did that God is found in nature. She runs religious adventure outings and takes [...]

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