9 11, 2020

The Wisdom of Gersonides

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It is tragic even bizarre that most rabbis today sermonize by quoting Midrashim as if what the Midrash states, despite being contrary to nature, actually occurred. They also quote the views of mystics, but not rational thinkers such as Maimonides other than to quote a legal view of his that parallels those of mystics, leading [...]

11 12, 2016

Bizarre Wedding Practices – and a request

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  The following essay is from my book “Mysteries of Judaism.” Gefen Publishing House will release my “Mysteries of Judaism II, How the rabbis and Others Changed Judaism” in February 2017.  I would like this book to be as popular as the first “Mysteries of Judaism.” Therefore, I am attaching the first volume here for [...]

6 03, 2016

Did the Sun Stand Still for Joshua at Gibeon?

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                                                     Did the Sun Stand Still for Joshua at Gibeon?   Joshua 10 narrates an astounding story. Joshua, Moses’ successor. and the Israelite forces fought against five southern Canaanite kingdoms and defeated them. Then Joshua sang a song praising God for causing the sun to stand still over the city of Gibeon and extending [...]

22 12, 2013

Who was Gersonides?

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                                                          By Israel Drazin   Gersonides’ books are not easy to read, but they are very thoughtful. He was one of several great Jewish rationalistic philosophers, along with Maimonides and Abraham ibn Ezra, but he was not as deep a thinker as these two men. But he was far more intellectual than most people. [...]

9 10, 2013

The third greatest Bible secret – 3

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                                                                                             By Israel Drazin                                                                   Biblical prophecy does not predict what will be   The view of traditional thinkers Most people read the Bible literally without much thought. When the Bible has a prophet say that something will occur, they understand this as a vision from God of what will occur. However, the [...]

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