11 10, 2013

The best Henrik Ibsen play for free

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                                                                                                                               Review by Israel Drazin                                                                                                                                  Rosmersholm                                                                                              By Henrik Ibsen   This is one of a many excellent writings that people can acquire for free from sources such as amazon because their copyrights have expired. Many people consider this 1886 play, which still appears in theaters today, Ibsen’s best play. [...]

18 09, 2013

Free book – Collins’ A Rogue’s Life

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A Rogue’s Life By Wilkie Collins             This is a book that can be acquired for nothing from sources such as amazon because its copyright has long expired. Collins said he wrote the short novel when he lived next to Charles Dickens and had a very happy life. The novel reflects this joy, but it [...]

18 09, 2013

Free book by famous Victorian writers

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A House to Let By Charles Dickens, Wilkie Collins, Elizabeth Gaskell, and Ann Procter This free book – free because its copyright has expired, and it can be acquired at no cost from amazon and similar sources – is a collaborative writing by four Victorian writers (I read novels by three of them and liked [...]

23 08, 2013

A free book – 1

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The Widow Barnaby By Frances M. Trollope Volumes one, two, and three   It is possible today to get classical books for free from sources such as amazon and many, such as The Widow Barnaby by Frances M. Trollope, are fun to read. I encourage readers of good literature to take advantage of these sources. [...]

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