24 01, 2016

The Oral Torah was not revealed at Sinai

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                                                       The Oral Torah was not revealed at Sinai   One of the fundamental principles of Orthodox Judaism is the belief that there is both a Written and an Oral Torah, both of which were revealed by God to Moses. Quite a few Orthodox rabbis declare that if a Jew does not accept this teaching, [...]

5 01, 2014

Rational and non-rational in ibn Ezra – Exodus

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                                                                         Ibn Ezra: Strange Interpretations                                                            Exodus     Abraham ibn Ezra (1089-1164) was a brilliant thinker and had views about the Bible that are quite different than most people have today; some ideas were rational, others, as I will show, were not. The following are some of his understandings of the [...]

7 09, 2013

An unusual haggada

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By Israel Drazin     The Bird’s Head Haggada By K. Mosele and L. Birkinshaw The Israel Museum and Koren Publishers, 2012, 66 pages ISBN 978-965-301-1045   This very clever, instructive, and colorful pop-up edition of the Passover Haggada is adapted from one of the oldest illustrated Haggadot in the world, published in Germany around [...]

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