27 12, 2015

What does Maimonides teach?

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                                                                                    What does Maimonides teach?   The great philosopher Maimonides is misunderstood by many people, most of whom need to see him saying what he never said.   Maimonides’ God Maimonides’ God is transcendental, meaning God is not involved in the daily activities of the world. God either created the world out of [...]

23 12, 2011

Race, angels, and evil

By |2011-12-23T07:03:50-07:00December 23rd, 2011|Thoughts|

By Israel Drazin   A reader of this website sent me three questions. Here are the questions and my responses.   (1)   I note your pure blue eyes and wonder: how do some Jews have such?  Do these features prove that Jews were breeding with non- Jews way back in history?   I THINK THAT [...]

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