11 05, 2020

Epicurus was not as bad as he is portrayed

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Judaism describes a non-believer in God as an Apicorus, a name most likely derived from the Greek philosopher Epicurus (341-270 BCE), as Professor Marcus Jastrow states in his famed Dictionary, although Maimonides in his essay Chelek states it is an Aramaic word.  The rabbis thought that Epicurus denied the existence of God and was a [...]

9 08, 2012

Philo, Epicurus, and the soul

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Greek and Roman Philosophy after Aristotle Edited by Jason L. Saunders The Free Press, 1966, 371 pages   Jason L. Saunders’ book is a collection of philosophical and religious writings from Epicurus in the fourth century BCE through the early writings on Christianity, until Tertullian (160-230 CE). Some thoughts ring true today; others do not; [...]

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