1 11, 2017

An anti-Semitic book that influenced Dracula

By |2017-11-01T06:29:51-07:00November 1st, 2017|Book Reviews, Thoughts|

  Trilby is a good novel with many flaws. One is that the author, George Du Maurier, the grandfather of the romantic novelist Dame Daphne Du Maurier (1907-1981), placed French sayings, parts of conversations, and even significant sentences and paragraphs in French, several times on every single page of his tale, making it impossible for [...]

15 10, 2017

Was Dracula Jewish as some people seem to claim?

By |2017-10-15T04:38:16-07:00October 15th, 2017|Thoughts|

  As I watched and otherwise enjoyed the classical 1931 “Dracula” film starring Bela Lugosi, one scene repeated several times, disturbed me. I’m not sure of the meaning of what I saw. In the beginning of the film, when Dracula is first introduced to viewers, we see him wearing an oversized necklace with the star [...]

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