1 12, 2019

Does God Know Us?

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In response to my article “Noah’s Flood teaches us how to understand the Bible,” our reader Turk Hill wrote with a question that I answered. Dear Rabbi Drazin, After the flood, Genesis recounts G-d in a state of regret, “His heart was saddened.” This has caused some scholars to ask the question, “Does G-d regret?” [...]

11 05, 2014

Bechukotai – Will God help us because of our ancestors?

By |2014-05-11T06:19:11-07:00May 11th, 2014|Thoughts|

                                                                                    Bechukotai                                                Will God help us because of our ancestors?[1]   Many people have a rather remarkable belief called zechut avot, “merit of the ancestors.” They see it implied in verses such as Leviticus 26:42, which suggests to them that God will remember the Israelite ancestors and treat their descendants well because [...]

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