17 07, 2015

The Cherubim was copied from the Egyptians

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                                                    The Cherubim was copied from the Egyptians   One of the most perplexing ancient Jewish articles is the Ark of the Covenant that tradition states contained both the shattered and whole Decalogue (Ten Commandments). The Ark had two poles that were never removed from the box. No reason is given for this practice. [...]

7 03, 2013

Vayakeil Pekudei – Unusual Interpretations 17

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                                                                          By Israel Drazin   The biblical portions of Vayakeil and Pekudei, Exodus 35:1- 40:38, have many biblical laws and a host of descriptions of the ancient tabernacle, the Mishkan, used by the Israelites during their forty-year desert wanderings. I will discuss the Sabbath and the Cherubim.   Why does the Torah single out [...]

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