6 04, 2014

ACHAREI MOT – Judaism changed radically

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                                                                                   ACHAREI MOT                                                                           (Chapters 16:1–18:30)                                                                      Judaism changed radically   Leviticus 16 deals with the elaborate Tabernacle rituals of atonement performed by the High Priest on Yom Hakippurim—a plural name, Day of Atonements. The priest brought sacrifices to atone for misdeeds that he, his family, and Israelites did; hence the plural form. As [...]

25 11, 2011

Religious people do not follow their Bibles

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By Israel Drazin There is no religion today where its adherents do exactly what is in their Bible. Let's look at Judaism as an example.                                           Ask many Orthodox and Conservative Jews about the origin of the oral law and they will tell you that God revealed both the written and oral Torah to the [...]

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