15 09, 2020

Obscure biblical statements explained

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Rabbi David Fohrman published a book called “Genesis: A Parsha Companion.” In his book, he points out obscure and questionable matters in each of the twelve portions in Genesis and offers his view of what the lesson is that underlies the verse or event. The interpretations are usually based on his own ideas or ancient [...]

21 10, 2018

The Bible is filled with obscurities – examples from women

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  The Bible has many obscure matters. In my forthcoming book “Mysteries of Judaism III,” I will give many examples of the obscurities and how some people have used the obscurities to disparage women. The following is a short version of what will appear in the 2019 book. These examples focus on women.   Eve [...]

25 03, 2015

How to read the Bible

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                                                                                How to read the Bible   I have been asked to explain the mystery of the half shekel: why were the Israelites in the desert during the days of Moses required to give a half shekel to be used in counting the number of males from and to certain ages, men who [...]

10 04, 2014

Judges 8 – Biblical irony and obscurities

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                                                                                     Chapter 8                                                                   Biblical irony and obscurities   Chapter 8 concludes the three chapter tale of judge Gideon. It affords us an opportunity, among much else, to see how the Bible uses irony and obscurities.[1]             Gideon successfully defeated the marauding Midianites. While chapters 6 and 7 depict fearful Gideon [...]

31 01, 2013

Unusual Biblical Interpretations 13

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                                                                                  By Israel Drazin   Obscurities People think of the Bible as a book of instruction, telling people how to act; yet it is frequently obscure. One example among hundreds is Exodus 18:7 that relates that when Moses’ father-in-law Yitro came to visit him in the desert, he bowed and kissed him, and [...]

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