17 10, 2019

Rosh Chodesh is not observed as the Torah commands

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Like all other biblical holidays, Rosh Chodesh is not observed today as required by biblical law. This is because of changed social circumstances and because the principle element of the biblical worship was animal sacrifices, which was discontinued after the Romans destroyed the Jewish Second Temple in 70 CE. Additionally, the name of the celebration [...]

30 05, 2017

There Are Not 613 Biblical Commands

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When sacrifices were discontinued, the rabbis developed a new idea about Shavuot. They said the holiday commemorates the giving of the Torah. Soon, many Jews began to believe that the Torah contains 613 commandments. What is the origin of this view and is it correct? The following is chapter 23 from my book "Mysteries of [...]

10 11, 2016

There are not 613 biblical commandments

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                                              About the 613 biblical commands and Azharot that lists them   The Azharot, meaning “exhortations,” are poetical listings of the 613 commandments that Jewish tradition states are contained in the Five Books [...]

20 01, 2016

There are not 613 Biblical Commands

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                                                           There are not 613 Biblical Commands   There is a concept that there are 613 biblical commands. However, a careful examination reveals that there is no biblical teaching that there are 613 commands, and there are far less than 613 biblical commands.   Rabbi Simlai’s Sermon The first report that the Torah [...]

7 02, 2014

How many biblical commands are there? – Joshua 23

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                                                                 Chapter 23                                               Joshua’s penultimate message                                     How many biblical commands are there?   Feeling old and near death, Joshua gathers the people[1] for two final messages.[2] He warns the people that they must obey God’s will.[3] If they fail to do so, they will be driven from the land of Canaan.[4] Chapter [...]

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