13 08, 2015

“One of the Best Novelists Alive”

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  The noted critic Irving Howe wrote that the author Aharon Appelfeld (born 1932) “is one of the best novelists alive.” Here is a summary of two of his tales.   To the Land of Cattails By Aharon Appelfeld The title of this fascinating 1987 novel is ironic. A mother and her son, she in [...]

30 12, 2014

A tragic tale

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Under the Dawn’s Light By Aharon Appelfeld Translated from Hebrew by Jeffrey M. Green Schocken Books, 2011, 231 pages Cost $11.84 This is the fourth Aharon Appelfeld novel that I read this week. The time is just before and just after 1900, long before Adolf Hitler gained power in Germany and Austria, but the climate [...]

25 04, 2014

Suddenly, Love

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  Suddenly, Love By Aharon Appelfeld    Aharon Appelfeld, born in 1932 and still alive, is one of Israel’s foremost living authors and this book shows his skills. He won many awards for his writing including the prestigious Israel Prize. He was born in Ukraine, which is the backbone of this book, and traveled to [...]

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