5 05, 2014

Judges 11 – The curious story of judge Jephthah

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                                                                                 Chapter 11                                                                                     Part 2                                                                              The curious story of judge Jephthah   Judges 11 contains one of two significant episodes in the extraordinary life of the judge Jephthah: his sacrifice of his daughter and his civil war against the tribe of Ephraim resulting in tens of thousands of Israelite deaths. Jephthah [...]

27 10, 2013

Unusual Bible Interpretations – Joshua 5, part 2

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                                                                     Unusual Bible Interpretations                                                                                    Joshua                                                                            Chapter 5- part 2   The following discussion is from my book Maimonides and the Biblical Prophets.   “The Problem, My Dear Readers, Is Based on Wrong Assumptions!” If Joshua and Moses could respond to the difficulties raised by Joshua 5:2–9 and Exodus 4:24–26 discussed in [...]

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