I am attaching my two latest books.

I hope you enjoy them.

Can you do me a favor, and if you can, write a review for each of the books and post the reviews on Amazon?  Even a short review, such as, “I enjoyed this book,” would be appreciated.

The Amazon site for the What We Don’t Know book is https://www.amazon.com/What-Know-About-People-Bible/dp/9657801222/ref=sr_1_1?crid=30E0H67I7GZGE&keywords=drazin+what+we+don%27t+know&qid=1687881205&sprefix=drazin+what+we+don%27t+know%2Caps%2C126&sr=8-1

The Amazon site for the Mysteries book is https://www.amazon.com/Mysteries-Judaism-Mistaken-Notions-about/dp/9657023963/ref=sr_1_3?crid=223JZLD9E4N18&keywords=drazin+mysteries+v&qid=1687881114&sprefix=drazin+mysteries+v%2Caps%2C828&sr=8-3

If anyone wants a hard cover copy, let me know where to send it and I will send it.



8838 · What We Don’t Know About God r013 draft 04


drzinmys_5_full cover

8767 · Mysteries V blncd r031 draft 09last corrections to print