New revelations about the Torah and preventive medicine


Dr. Michael Lebowitz’s “God’s Preventive Medicine” is a fascinating, eye-opening, and thought-provoking book that reveals never-before-known information about several biblical laws, which will cause readers to see not only these laws but the entire Bible in new ways.

He shows that recent science has disclosed that the Torah’s seemingly unreasonable and seemingly primitive laws actually work to prevent and heal disease. He quotes biblical description of unusual bodily conditions in detail and the methods the Bible requires priests – who were the medical practitioners of the time – to use to heal the conditions. And he describes in clear lay language that the current medical descriptions of the conditions discussed in the Bible parallel perfectly with the biblical descriptions, and that the current scientific and medical healing treatments are exactly what the Bible recommends.

Dr. Lebowitz is an expert on mycological conditions. Mycological means the study of fungi. He spent years studying everything he could find on molds, fungal infections, and related subjects and learnt how to identify and treat these conditions. He compared recent scientific discoveries about diseases with the biblical descriptions of them and the biblical recommended treatments of them, and discovered that the Bible knew the truth about diseases before modern science and medicine. He describes actual modern cases where fungal diseases were cured by using the biblical methods.


He tells us that the rabbis called tzarat and other items chukim, which they defined as laws that humans are unable to understand but should be obeyed because God said to do so. He shows that modern science does now understand many of these law, and they are reasonable ways to avoid and, if necessary, remedy disease. He shows in an easy to read manner that the biblical tzarat, for example, which many earlier commentator thought was leprosy, and which the rabbis, who did not, of course, know modern science, thought did not exist but was a metaphor to teach people to cease speaking slander, is a fungal infection that, as surprising as this may be, as the Bible states, it affects people, clothing, and even the walls of houses.

Red heifer

Another biblical procedure, which the rabbis included among the inexplicable procedures that the Bible prescribes, is the use of cedar and hyssop in the ceremony of the Red heifer. The great Jewish sage and physician Maimonides wrote that he could find no reason why these materials should be used. Dr. Lebowitz quotes scientific findings that both have anti-fungal properties.

Use of spices in the temple

Many animals were slaughtered in the ancient temples and the Bible lists certain spices that should be burned in the temples. Until recently people thought that the only function of these spices were to cover offensive odors. Dr. Lebowitz tells us that these spices, the very ones required by biblical mandate, have properties that overcome the proliferation of bacteria, viruses, and other microbes produced by the slaughter of animals and the flowing their blood.


The Torah has laws regulating activities during the time of menstruation. In Judaism, Islam, and many other religions and cultures sex during a woman’s period is forbidden. Dr. Lebowitz show that this is a biblical preventive measure to protect women. Today’s science verifies that the cervix in women expands during menstruation and creates a pathway for bacteria and other pathogens and toxins. Sex during this time creates a chance for contamination.

Additionally, modern scientific studies of the human sperm found toxins that can contaminate women at this time. He gives a list of what can occur to women and men during menstruation.

The seemingly discriminating exclusion from the temple

The Bible states that women are forbidden to enter the temple for 33 days after the birth of a male child, but 66 days after having a female child. He tells about a 1979 discovery that explains how a mother’s immunity system recovers quicker and she can return to normal functions sooner if she has a male child, as opposed to a female child. Thus scripture is protecting her and her female child’s risk from contaminants with this foresight law.

Does the Bible also offer a biblical diet?

One could argue that it hints at one. In the Bible’s first book Genesis, a vegan diet is prescribed for Adam and Eve. After the flood in the time of Noah, the Bible allowed certain but not all animal foods.

Dr. Lebowitz suggests “if God made it, it is better than man’s refinement of it. For instance, s whole apple is far better than apple juice.”

In summary

After reading this book and the many supports and examples it contains, it seems that the Hebrew Bible is more than a spiritual volume, it is also a book of life, a superb volume of divine preventative medicine.