Dear Friends,

I made an embarrassing mistake. I apologize. There is a Yiddish expression, which in English can be translated as “Men think, but God laughs.” The idea is that every human makes mistakes. I want to add, however, that while this is true, it is not true that God mocks us.

I wrote to you telling you I would send you my books if you want them. Unfortunately, I am unable to do it. I will have someone send the books to people who wrote reviews on my books because of this promise. But this is all that I can do.

I am 87 years old. My physical condition deteriorated so that although I can walk, I cannot walk for more than a quarter-hour. Fortunately, my mind is still working. I can sit at my computer and write for three or four hours, then I tire. My four children pushed my wife of 64 years and me to leave Florida and move near the three who have houses in Maryland. One of our four children lives in Raanana, Israel. They promised to do all the work involved in the move. We reluctantly agreed. They are unusually good children. We are leaving in less than a month.

In short, there will be no change in my writing for this website. I am also continuing to write books. I have the second of my five-book series on “What We Don’t Know About God and the People in the Bible” going into printing this month. The remaining three are finished and in the hands of my editor to fix grammar and create an index. They will go toward publishing this year. I am writing a book on “Who was the Biblical Prophet Elisha,” which should be finished before we move to Maryland and will go to the publisher. Ironically, one of the key points in this Elisha book is the mistakes of the prophets Elijah, Elisha, and Malachi.