Does the following suggestion on how to avoid the corona virus make sense? And if one is convinced, as he or she should be, that there is no proof that it will work, and perhaps even that the idea is not scientific, should we do it anyway?



It is well known that putting alcohol on a sore to avoid infection is done all the time. Why? Because alcohol kills germs. Isn’t possible that the corona virus is a germ, or like a germ, and that alcohol can kill it.

The virus works against people and makes them sick inside their bodies. So, if one comes in contact with the virus, it is possible that one can rub alcohol on the body and this may stop the virus from entering the body. But, once it is in the body, the outside application will not help the inside of the body. However, perhaps, and this is the suggestion, drinking alcohol, having a shot and a half of scotch, gin, rum, etc, may kill the virus inside the body even as it does outside the body.

This is not a new idea. During the days when England ruled Hong Kong, the English drank a lot of gin, so much so that it was called the official colonial drink. During the Victorian era when malaria plagued the land, gin was thought to protect against the disease. Gin is drunk by many with tonic, and some think it is the quinine in the tonic that defeated the malaria. Winston Churchill contended that the gin and tonic saved “more Englishmen’s lives and minds than all the doctors in the Empire.” If you believe the quinine should be credited, you should drink gin and tonic. If you dislike this drink. Drink it every other day with scotch or rum, or some other alcohol, on other days.

Of course, we should not over indulge in drinking the alcohol. This will make the drinker sick. During the days of the Spanish Flu, some people were certain that aspirins will cure the flu. Many, unfortunately, took a lot of aspirins. Their overindulgence led to illnesses and some deaths.



Salt is also known to kill germs. Since doctors tell us that the virus affects the lungs, would it make sense to spray our noses with a saline nasal spray at least once a day, or more if you like. It will not harm you.


In short

Does it make sense to drink alcohol and spray one’s nose with a salt solution? What does one loose. I say all of this even though I am not a medical doctor