People should be reasonable, not moral

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                                                                                                                                                                By Israel Drazin   In my discussion on “Are intelligent people moral,” I wrote that Moses Maimonides (1138-1204) taught in his Guide of the Perplexed 1:2 that people should work to develop [...]

Who is Gersonides?

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Torah in the Observatory: Gersonides, Maimonides, Song of Songs                                         By Menachem Kellner Academic Studies Press, 2010, 374 pages   Reviewed by Israel Drazin   Menachem Kellner is one of the most knowledgeable scholars of Maimonides [...]

Maimonides teaches that intellectuals should not be moral

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An Intelligent Person is not Moral                                                                                                       By Israel Drazin       Morals are rules of proper conduct, what is good and what is bad. They inform people how to live a proper and safe [...]

Does the Soul Survive the Body’s Death?

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The Concept of the Soul and the After-Life                                       By                            Israel Drazin   Many people are afraid of death. Although there is no indication, not even a hint, in the Hebrew Bible [...]