A very good instructive series of books for children

                                                                   Carole P. Roman



Since it is unfortunately well-known that US citizens of all ages know very little about other counties and are mocked for this ignorance outside the US, Carole P. Roman’s “If You were Me and Lived in…” series is a significant contribution to children’s education. Carole P. Roman is an award winning author, a former teacher, and current author. Her first book, which later developed into a series of clever books, “Captain No Beard,” about a young boy who likes to imagine that he is a sea captain, was named Kirkus Review Best in 2012 and received the Pinnacle Award for 2013. The series “If You Were Me and Lived in…” was given the Pinnacle Award for Best in Children’s Non-Fiction for 2013. Besides the instructive material, the books have cleverly drawn pictures that children will like. Her latest books are “The Boy Who Spoke to God” and “The Thanksgiving Platter.” All are available on amazon.


The “If You were Me and Lived in…” series is an excellent tool for teaching children about other countries and their culture in an interesting and colorful manner, information that children should have. The series is designed for children ages pre-k to age eight. Roman has written five books to date, about Kenya, France, Norway, Mexico, and South Korea. She plans to write more.


In the book about Kenya, for example, among much else, Roman shows us where Kenya is located on the world map, that its capital city is Nairobi, facts about Nairobi, such as its name means “cold water,” names people have in Kenya, such as Jaramogi, what people in Nairobi call various things, such mother and father, what they eat, games they play, celebrations, and more.