A sure weight loss and retention method


Undoubtedly diet means a life-time eating habits, and diets should include lots of fruits and vegetables and be supplemented by daily exercise. Everyone knows that.


What people seem to have forgotten is the advice of the twelfth century philosopher and physician, a man who treated the royal family of Egypt. Maimonides wrote that people should not leave their meals feeling “full.”


There is an informal British word “peckish,” which means “somewhat hungry” and also means “somewhat irritable.” Most people feel that being “peckish” is bad. Maimonides differed. Why?


First, obviously, a “full” feeling is not healthy. But there is more.


It takes the body about twenty minutes to register the foods that were consumed. If a person leaves the table feeling “peckish,” within twenty minutes the person’s body will register the consumed food and the person will feel “satisfied.”


In short, the Maimonidean method of eating assures that people do not overeat, they do not gain weight, and their bodies don’t need to act unhealthily digesting unnecessary food.