The following story was sent to me by Hessel Meilech.


A very religious Rebbetzin loved cleaning her silver candlesticks every week. She also helped her friend out in a small business in the Shetel. One day she returned home and the candlesticks were stolen. Her friend said tomorrow we will visit all the homes to find the candlesticks. They found nothing. They then remembered that there was a poor Jewish family that lived in a shack.

They went to the shack and there was the family warming their hands on the candlesticks. Her friend wanted to dash into the home but the rebbetzin restrained her. She said to the lady inside that she had an identical pair of candlesticks.. She would like to buy the candlesticks from her and asked her to name a price. She said 50 dollars. The Rebbetzin replied that in today’s market $200 would be the correct price. She took out the money and the poor family now had enough wood for the year.