You may be interested in this new website where Jeffrey Radon, who runs the site, calls me his teacher. I do not post articles on this site, only here and the blog at Times of Israel where I place the same articles that I place here. This is what Jeffrey Radon wrote to me.

The name of the site is Orthoprax Judaism and if googled should appear on the first page, and the address is  I also want to let you know that there is now (as I wrote you that there will be) a section on the about page called “regarding my teacher”, which has a link to your internet site.  I would appreciate it if you can take a look and make sure it is acceptable to you.  I would also greatly appreciate it if you could spread the word that there is now such an internet site, which is meant to be a study site containing reading material and video classes that I will offer.  The blog “the true orthoprax nature of the Jewish tradition” can be read in just a few minutes and in my opinion captures the spirit and direction of my site better than anything else.  I hope that in entering my site to study people will also (through the section about you on my about page) be exposed to your scholarly writings.  Thank you, take care, Jeff