“The Koren Youth Haggada,” an illustrated new 2020 Haggada for use during the Passover Seder has reflections about Passover and Jewish practices, drawing on every other page, raises questions on most pages to prompt thinking and discussion, and is filled with instructions, activities to experience, and thoughts or quotes or a story to attract children’s interest. Although designed for youngsters who will undoubtably like it, it will be enjoyed also by adults who will enjoy its contents and learn much from it.

The Haggada contains the entire Seder service in Hebrew with English translations. It contains directions on how to perform all the Seder activities. It explains all of the practices and prompts the reader to think on their own about the message the Haggada contains. The stories and thoughts in every other page are from many traditional sources such as the Talmud and rabbis as well as modern thinkers such as the editors of the Haggada.

Some examples of questions raised are “On what are we making the ‘shehehiyanu’ blessing tonight (thanking God for the experience.)?” “Why do we have three matzot and not two like the two loves on Shabbat and Yom Tov?” “Why are some paragraphs in Aramaic and not Hebrew?” “Why isn’t it enough to tell the children the story of Passover in the weeks before Passover as a preparation for the holiday?” “What is the secret of Jewish survival?” “What do you think is the most important message in the story of Joseph?”

These multiple additions will make the Seder more enjoyable and memorable.