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Is God Involved in Human Activities?


Nachmanides’ strange understandings of demons, hell, souls, women’s period, rape, and other subjects

The following is a draft of a chapter from my forthcoming book “Nachmanides: An Unusual Thinker,” which should be published sometime this year   The prior chapter examined Nachmanides’ mystical view of God. This chapter looks at his approach to other subjects. Did Nachmanides insist that midrashic tales are not parables, but true facts? Did […]

Some thoughts about Nachmanides

Among the many things that I do each week are the reviews that I write for amazon and which I place on amazon. (Since I was a child, I have been unable to do just one thing at a time. For example, I went to Talmudical Academy in Baltimore since kindergarten, including high school, but […]

Nachmanides’ ideas are not what people think they are

My next book, “Nachmanides: An Unusual Thinker,” will be published in a few months. It is my most controversial book. Most people have no idea what this great sage actually believed, that he was influenced by mysticism. Most people read what he says but only see what they want to see, or need to see […]

Were the Ten Plagues Miracles?

                The following essay is chapter 24 in my third book on Maimonides: Maimonides, Reason Above All.                                                               […]

Reasonable interpretations of the Torah by Nachmanides

                               Reasonable interpretations of the Torah by Nachmanides   Many of Nachmanides’ views are reasonable, more reasonable than those by Rashi, but many are not, for Nachmanides felt that the only truth was Kabbalah. The following are some of his reasonable […]

The Unusual Thinker Nachmanides

                                                              Nachmanides’ View of Himself   Most rabbis consider the twelfth century Spanish rabbi Nachmanides one of Judaism’s greatest thinkers. Many do so without knowing […]

Hasdai Crescas: Jewish Philosophy Unintentionally Including Christian Beliefs

                   Hasdai Crescas: Jewish Philosophy Unintentionally Including Christian Beliefs One of the most tragic occurrences in Judaism’s long history is the frequent absorption of alien, often heathen and Christian notions.[1] This occurred not only amongst the uneducated masses; rabbis fell prey to this phenomenon as well, simply because they did not know Jewish history […]

The non-biblical notion of holiness

                                                                  The non-biblical notion of holiness   The concept of “holiness,” meaning that something or someone is sacred does not exist in the Bible. The biblical Hebrew word kedushah, which is usually translated today as “holiness” means “separate.” When the Bible asserts that God is holy it signifies that God is totally separate […]

Do angels and demons exist?

  The following is based on what I wrote in my recent book “Unusual Bible Interpretations: Five Books of Moses.”                                                                                                                                                                Angels and demons   Did brilliant well-respected ancient thinkers of all religions have ideas that modern people should reject? Certainly. Aristotle, one of the greatest philosophers, had the despicable incorrect notion that women […]

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