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The current Shavuot is not a biblical holiday

The following essay is from my book “Mysteries of Judaism” in which I pointed out that all the biblical holidays were changed. In “Mysteries of Judaism II: How the Rabbis and Others Changed Judaism,” I describe Maimonides’ view that the Torah wanted the Israelites to change what is in the Torah. For example, he writes […]

Nachmanides’ ideas are not what people think they are

My next book, “Nachmanides: An Unusual Thinker,” will be published in a few months. It is my most controversial book. Most people have no idea what this great sage actually believed, that he was influenced by mysticism. Most people read what he says but only see what they want to see, or need to see […]

Why Are Ancient Rabbinic Decisions Binding?

                                        This essay is chapter 3 from my book “Maimonides: The Exceptional Mind.”                                               […]

Why Do Jews Prefer the Shulchan Arukh to Maimonides’ Code of Law?

The following is from my third book on Maimonides.                               Why Do Jews Prefer the Shulchan Arukh to Maimonides’ Code of Law? Maimonides’ fourteen-volume Mishneh Torah was the first, most comprehensive, most readable, and best-organized code of Jewish law. It is […]

Were the Ten Plagues Miracles?

                The following essay is chapter 24 in my third book on Maimonides: Maimonides, Reason Above All.                                                               […]

Maimonides’ son defends his father

                                                  The following is chapter 5 from my book Maimonides: Reason Above All                                       […]

Who was Maimonides’ son?

                                           The following essay is chapter 5 in my book Maimonides: Reason Above All                                           […]

Maimonides took most of his ideas from Aristotle

The following is the second chapter from my third book on Maimonides called “Maimonides: Reason Above All.” I gave my book this name because both he and Aristotle were convinced that the most important part of humans is their ability to reason, something most humans do not do.               […]

Maimonides disparages morality

                                                                                           Maimonides Disparages Morality     One book of the Talmud […]

Who was the brilliant Abraham ibn Ezra


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