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The Torah doesn’t expect people to obey its laws

                                                                                                                                         The Torah doesn’t expect people to obey its laws                                                                             By Israel Drazin   I encourage everyone to read Professor Berman’s very informative, thought-provoking article “What is This Thing Called Law? The Jewish legal tradition and discontents.” It is found at http://mosaicmagazine.com/essay/2013/12/what-is-this-thing-called-law/   Professor Berman offers readers a well-documented discussion on the […]

Do religious laws benefit God?

By Israel Drazin   It is certainly true that most Jews today, including most rabbis, see a distinction between ritual and social laws. The first focuses on God and the second on people. In the Ten Commandments, for example, the laws forbidding idols and those requiring rest on the Sabbath are seen by most Jews […]

Why listen to clergy?

By Israel Drazin   Why do people feel that they should listen to their clergy? There is nothing in the Hebrew Bible, New Testament, or Koran that says that its adherents must obey rabbis, priests, and imams. In fact, Judaism didn’t have rabbis until around the year 70 of the Common Era, after the second […]

Religious people do not follow their Bibles

By Israel Drazin There is no religion today where its adherents do exactly what is in their Bible. Let’s look at Judaism as an example.                                           Ask many Orthodox and Conservative Jews about the origin of the oral law and they will tell you that God revealed both the written and oral Torah to the […]

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