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Does the Bible contain humor?

   In his sixth “Young People’s Concert: Humor in Music,” Leonard Bernstein tells viewers that many very good pleasant pieces of music contain humor. He proves this by examining parts of musical compositions by Haydn, Mahler, Mozart, and Shostakovich.  He tells us what it is in music that can make it funny. He tells us […]

The case of Two Prostitutes

The story of Solomon demonstrating unusual wisdom in the litigation of two prostitutes by means of a clever trick does not show that Solomon was wise. The story is similar to fables found in many countries. Scholars have identified 22 parallel fables in many countries.[1] The following is from my recent book “The Authentic King […]

Adin Steinsaltz tries to save the honor of some biblical characters

    Many people who read the Hebrew Bible recognize that it does not try to conceal the faults of even the most significant people, such as the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and its most famous kings such as King David and King Solomon. Yet, since the general public needs heroes without blemishes, there are […]

Smart ideas from a non-traditional thinker


King Solomon’s mighty deeds in Midrashim

The following is a chapter from a book I am working on called “The Authentic King Solomon.”                                                                   King Solomon’s mighty deeds in […]

Was King Solomon really wise?

I am working on a book analyzing King Solomon. You may be interested in this draft of my tenth chapter                                                                       […]

Was Solomon really wise?

It is generally not a good idea to share drafts which will be change, hopefully improved in time. I published 33 books, and my 34th will be in book stores in April. I finished three others which will be published soon. I am working on my 38th book which is about King Solomon, a study […]

More on the truth about Solomon

The following are chapters 27 and 28 from my book “Maimonides and the Biblical Prophets,” which show again that what we think is true is not what the Bible actually says.                                       Why Would God Punish Future […]

Solomon was not as smart as we like to think

                                                                                 The following is from chapters 25 and 26 from my book “Maimonides and the Biblical […]

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