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Nachmanides’ strange understandings of demons, hell, souls, women’s period, rape, and other subjects

The following is a draft of a chapter from my forthcoming book “Nachmanides: An Unusual Thinker,” which should be published sometime this year   The prior chapter examined Nachmanides’ mystical view of God. This chapter looks at his approach to other subjects. Did Nachmanides insist that midrashic tales are not parables, but true facts? Did […]

Some thoughts about Nachmanides

Among the many things that I do each week are the reviews that I write for amazon and which I place on amazon. (Since I was a child, I have been unable to do just one thing at a time. For example, I went to Talmudical Academy in Baltimore since kindergarten, including high school, but […]

Nachmanides’ ideas are not what people think they are

My next book, “Nachmanides: An Unusual Thinker,” will be published in a few months. It is my most controversial book. Most people have no idea what this great sage actually believed, that he was influenced by mysticism. Most people read what he says but only see what they want to see, or need to see […]

Counting the Omer is not a biblical practice

The following is chapter 8 in my book “Mysteries of Judaism.” My followup book “Mysteries of Judaism II: Why the rabbis and others changed Judaism” is arriving in the US within days. If you want either book and agree to write a review and post it on amazon, even if the review is short, I […]

Why Was The First Passover Different From All Other Passovers?

The following is from my book “Mysteries of Judaism.” The book contains many articles such as this one.                                              Why Was The First Passover Different From All Other Passovers?   The Israelites’ first Passover, celebrated […]

The current holiday of Passover is not a biblical holiday

                                                      The following essay is from my book “Mysteries of Judaism.”                                     […]

Was King Solomon really wise?

I am working on a book analyzing King Solomon. You may be interested in this draft of my tenth chapter                                                                       […]

The Lubavitcher Rebbe and me

         I met the Lubavitcher Rebbe in 1986  and I did what he asked me to do.  Since that time, the Lubavitch movement has published the story several times and even made a video. Last month they wanted the story again for another publication. Here is what I wrote.       […]

More disclosures on Hannah Arendt

I posted my review of last week’s posting about the film on Hannah Arendt on Amazon and received the following response from JSA which I think is very revealing.   In her book on the Eichmann trial, Deborah Lipstadt writes that Eichmann’s own memoir “reveals the degree to which Arendt was wrong about Eichmann. It […]

The banality of the “Banality of evil”

Hannah Arendt DVD   I admit that I was very disappointed with the 113 minute 2013 film about the unusual very controversial ideas of Hannah Arendt about Adolf Eichmann and the 1961 trial that found him guilty of his involvement in the mass murder of some six million Jews and others. Hannah Arendt’s reaction was […]

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