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Why Are Ancient Rabbinic Decisions Binding?

                                        This essay is chapter 3 from my book “Maimonides: The Exceptional Mind.”                                               […]

Why Do Jews Prefer the Shulchan Arukh to Maimonides’ Code of Law?

The following is from my third book on Maimonides.                               Why Do Jews Prefer the Shulchan Arukh to Maimonides’ Code of Law? Maimonides’ fourteen-volume Mishneh Torah was the first, most comprehensive, most readable, and best-organized code of Jewish law. It is […]

Who was Judith?

                                                                                        Most people do not know who Judith was and, therefore, are […]

Esther in Legends

For the last few days, because of the approach of Purim, I have been posting chapters from my recent book “Unusual Bible Interpretations: Ruth, Esther, and Judith,” in which among a lot of other things, I showed that Judith, in the apocrypha, the book Jewish ancestors decided not to include in the Bible, was more […]

Purim is not observed as mandated in the Bible

I am reposting this essay since Purim is coming shortly. My book “Ruth, Esther, and Judith,” tells, among much else, what the biblical book Esther really states, not what people want it to state.   It is remarkable how a reading of the biblical text itself without any preconceived notions reveals many things that is […]

What does the Bible really say about Esther?

Since the holiday of Purim occurs soon, I thought you might be interested in reading the introduction I wrote to my analysis of the book of Esther in my book “Unusual Bible Interpretations: Ruth, Esther, and Judith.”                                     […]



Was Solomon really wise?

It is generally not a good idea to share drafts which will be change, hopefully improved in time. I published 33 books, and my 34th will be in book stores in April. I finished three others which will be published soon. I am working on my 38th book which is about King Solomon, a study […]

Why Do Women Light the Sabbath Candles Long before the Sabbath Begins?

                            I placed the following essay in my book “Maimonides and the Biblical Prophets,” a book that also explains many seeming biblical miracles in rational manner, as Maimonides saw them. I am very proud of this essay. It is my own original […]

One of the most important books ever writen

When I studied philosophy in graduate school many years ago, we had a distinguished visiting Jewish professor from Harvard University who taught about Maimonides. He taught us that Ibn Tufayl’s book made a profound effect upon Maimonides and caused him to write his books for two audiences; intellectuals would find profound truths in the books […]

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