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A cute Purim children’s story

My daughter let me share in writing this children’s story                        Just What the Doctor Ordered                                       Moti’s Purim Story                                               By                              Leba Lieder and Israel Drazin     Page 1 The Purim holiday was around the corner and kids and mice everywhere were preparing their costumes and getting ready to give Purim gifts. Moti, a […]

Esther in legends

A couple of days ago, I posted an essay about changes made in the Purim holiday from my book “Unusual Bible Interpretations: Ruth, Esther, and Judith,” in which among a lot of other things, I showed that Judith, in the apocrypha, the book Jewish ancestors decided not to include in the Bible, was more observant […]

Purim is not observed today as mandated in the Bible

I am reposting this essay since Purim is coming shortly. My book “Ruth, Esther, and Judith,” tells, among much else, what the biblical book Esther really states, not what people want it to state.   It is remarkable how a reading of the biblical text itself without any preconceived notions reveals many things that is […]

A professor compares Jewish and American laws

Professor Samuel J. Levine compares many Jewish laws with American laws that address the same issues in two 2018 volumes of “Jewish Law and American Law.” His analysis of the two systems and his detailed focus on many laws in each system enhances our insight into both laws. His books are very comprehensive. He writes […]

Does the Torah mention life after death

The Bible says nothing about life after death. It does not mention heaven or garden of Eden as a future abode of reward and Hell as a place of punishment after death. Maimonides states in his work Chelek that heaven is not an area where the good dead congregate and there is no Hell.  Scripture’s […]

Jewish ideas that children could not be taught

Unfortunately, most people of all religions only know what they were taught about their religion and the Bible that they learnt in grade school. Most of it is childish and wrong. It is a shame that people do not improve their knowledge about religion as they grow older. The following are examples that I placed […]

Why do women light candles before men begin the Sabbath

If people would take the time to look at the bulletin of an Orthodox Synagogue, they would find something very curious. The women are instructed to light candles several minutes before the men are scheduled to leave the home to attend the Mincha service, and Mincha takes place about fifteen minutes before the onset of […]

The turn of the screw

w Ancient rabbis used the same techniques to analyze the Torah as the Greeks used to analyze the Iliad and the Odyssey and as scholars use today to analyze literature, as in the following example. Henry James’s (1843-1916) published “The Turn of the Screw” in 1898. The 131-page horror novella is a book filled with […]

A Great Israeli Writer

Yosef Haim Brenner (1881-1921) was a Russian-born author of Hebrew stories and one of the outstanding pioneers of modern Hebrew literature, a man who inspired other Israeli writers. He portrayed the grim realities of life with emotive punctuation and ellipses that moves his readers, as we will see below. His life and death In 1902, […]

The figure in the carpet

Henry James (1843-1916) published “The Figure in the Carpet” in 1896. He is best known for his novel “The Portrait of a Lady,” first published in 1880. He frequently filled his tales with ambiguity and even obscurity, as he does in this 48-page short story. He never gave us an interpretation of this story. He […]

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